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Warhammer: Invasion – LCG > CCG

March 4, 2011

Alright, so in my local community of gamers, we’re pretty diverse.  One of my friends has a huge collection of board games (not just Monopoly and the Milton Bradley variety), and while we were hanging out playing Descent we got to talking about other games that would be fun.  As is evidenced by some of my other blog posts, I like me some Warhammer.  So does my friend, and well… he showed me (and another few friends) the Warhammer: Invasion LCG.

So, I’m sure you’re asking, “What the hell is an LCG?”  If any of you out there ever played Magic: The Gathering, then you’ve played something similar, called a CCG.  A CCG is a collectible card game.  A LCG is a living card game.  The difference between the two is not getting fucked by RNG all the time.  There are set cards that come in the expansions (called Battle Packs in this case) rather than a random assortment.  So, there may be 80 cards in the cycle (think set), but only 20 of them come out in the Battle Pack.  More importantly:  you get three of every one of the cards in the newer Battle Packs so there’s no reason to ever buy more than one.  Unless of course you’re building multiple decks revolving around the same cards.

So, yesterday, my copy of the core set came in to the friendly local gaming store (FLGS for the unintiated), Grand Adventures Comics.  If you’re ever in the mid-state?  This is the place to come game.  We have people coming from just about every corner of the state to play Hordes, Warmachine, Warhammer (40k and fantasy), Magic, WoW TCG, board games, whatever.  It’s a happening place.  Anyway:  I pick it up, head over to my friend’s house, and crack this sucker open.

In the core set you get counters for resources and damage, 40 cards from the first 4 factions, 30 mercenary cards, 10 cards that are teasers for the next expansion, and then 4 faction tiles.  After opening the box, though, we spent the better part of 15 minutes making fun of the packaging.  If you get one, then you’ll know what I’m talking about.  It’s nice in retrospective, since it gives you lots of room for extra cards (in the event you have someone else that will gift you with a bunch of them like I did) so when you get more cards you don’t have to worry about splitting them up into multiple boxes.

Well, we spent the next few hours playing, with me losing each time.  Which is fine by me… I just enjoy the hanging out and playing part of it.  However, the thing that really sticks with me is how well designed just the core set is.  We were talking about one of the new Battle Packs (Omens of Ruin) and one of the cards that comes in it:  the Steam Tank.  Look at that thing!  7 health, only 4 resources if you control 3 other empire things, and it gains power every turn!  Pretty cool, right?  So, yes, it’s powerful, and given the opportunity to gain power, it has the potential to bowl you over late game.  Well, in the core box, there were several cards per faction that will just remove it.  Nothing you can do, the tank just goes away.

It’s really cool to me that the designers of this game still think about all the stuff that’s come out compared to what will come out.  I’m really looking forward to playing it more.


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