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Being Sick is No Fun

February 8, 2011

Getting Revered with the Earthen Ring is the pits. It took me a good while. I don’t know if I need to get Exalted right now, but I’m thinking it will just take forever. Without dailies to supplement reputation gain, the only way to get rep with them is to do quests through Vashj’ir, Deepholm, the Twilight Highlands, and Grim Batol. The number that I came up with from quests available to the alliance side was a total of 19,830 reputation across 93 quests. that gets you almost to Revered without doing any dungeons. However, that means that you still have to grind out 21,000 more reputation without the benefit of a daily or two to help you out. I skipped Deepholm, which is where the majority of the quests are, so I’m going to go back and try to finish that zone out… also so I can unlock the Therazane Rep. Man, I’m so bad this expansion.

Anyway, this past weekend I was sick. Headache, sinus pressure, and post-nasal drip are the ultimate combination to kill the desire to do anything. I wanted to go down to the gaming shop (war gaming, tabletop gaming, nerd gaming – whatever), but I didn’t want to pull a patient zero. I was thanked by someone that was there when they texted me to come play, and I told them no.

The good news is, I got to finish one of the books I’ve been reading – Eisenhorn by Dan Abnett. I got the omnibus, since I think its rather difficult to come by the original novels in single format, and I read through most of it in the airport coming back from San Jose a few weeks ago. If you’re at all a fan of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, then this is one of the best books I’ve read. I made a mistake, though, by getting the Ravenor Omnibus and reading through part of that before reading this one. Nothing was really spoiled (Ravenor follows Eisenhorn in the chronology), but I knew that things were going to go WAY downhill in the last book of Eisenhorn. I mean, it’s a 40k novel, so things always get bad, but I wasn’t expecting how bad.

On to other news: I think that I’m going to put down my druid for a while. I’m a little flummoxed at how the shapeshifting nerf went to live, but I can cast my vote by contributing to the decrease in that particular class’s representation on live. I’ve been meaning to go back to my Hunter… at least to get him to the point to where I can fly and level through Archaeology. I’m over Outland content, and Northrend right now is miles away. I’m planning on doing some PVP, too, but even that’s an excercise.

The other option, though, is a little more intriguing. Psynister put the paladin interest in my court. I’m just not too keen on doing the Dranei starting area. Thankfully, someone reminded me */cough* that I could go somewhere else. I like the idea of having… another… class that can tank or heal.

I’ve also got my lowbie rogue. I need to get her the appropriate twink gear since Psynister and Cyn are keen on the idea, I should use their ideas to my own benefit. I was thinking about spending some JP on the dagger for an offhand, but I don’t know if I want to drop the JP for it. I know it would be useful, but I don’t know what other class would use it. The other option is to get the mace, but the same quandry presents itself. I think I’ll get both characters to 10, then see what strikes me as more fun to do. I have a hard time thinking about which way to go when I don’t have a talent tree to look at and guide me in game.

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