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Rune Keeper – Wait, that’s not a WoW Class!

February 1, 2011

So, when I got my new computer, one of the things I did was download Lord of the Rings Online.  They went free to play in September, and I wanted to see what a “graphics” intense game would look like.  I logged in once to just see what it was like, then I promptly forgot to log back in.  Well, I hit level cap a week or two ago, and then went out to training.  That immediately killed whatever momentum I had built up, and now I’m just kind of floundering.  I do a few dailies, do a random with a buddy, and then just kind of piddle around.  Well, everyone should remember that phrase, “idle hands are the devil’s tools.”

Anyway, I couldn’t remember what server that Naithin and I had fooled around on last April, so I just picked the first server I saw (Darrowdelf), and promptly rolled a Rune Keeper.  Not an elf one, that’d be stupid.  A dwarf one.  From the Lonely Mountain.  How bad ass is that?  I’m a fucking rune keeper that came from the area that Thorin Oakenshield returned to the dwarf folk.  Anyway, I’ve got to say one thing:  WoW is doing the introductory stuff right.  Guh, there’s too much shit going on to begin to make sense of what I should be doing.

Aside from that, the game is beautiful.  I mean, just… absolutely amazing.  I was in the character creation screen, and I was clicking through faces and options just mesmerized.  One had age lines… there were several facial scars that made a huge difference… the hair textures were just amazing… and so were the beard ones!  Well, I finally logged in, and tooled my way through the introductory zone.  The animations for all of the rune keeper attacks were mindblowing.  Dwarven runes flying out of your hands and at the monsters with smoke and flame and lightning!  Then I dropped a healing stone next to me, and I swear I could see the runes inscribed on the surface of the rock.  I may have to go back and look tonight.

Well, the interesting thing about this class is that you have a meter that fills when you use one type of spell vs another type.  If you do too much healing, then you can’t cast damaging spells.  If you cast damaging spells, then you can’t cast many healing spells.  I did a little bit of reading, and what I expected I could do (pre-cast the healing stone, drop some HoTs on myself, and then go to town) was what a lot of people suggested.  Herp dee derp.  Makes sense.

If I keep playing, then I think I’m going to try to write up some more about the game.  However, with the looming Rift beta 6 event, I don’t know how likely that’s going to be.

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  1. It was Landroval! … I think. Or maybe you were playing with me on Firefoot.. Hmm. No, pretty sure it was Landroval.

    In any case, I actually really like the fact that the LoTRO starting areas have a lot going on. One of my favourite things in an RPG is to have so many quests going on that it takes some thought to decide what I want to do next. 🙂

    I sort of know what you’re talking about though; it can be paralysing if you’re not used to it. My first RPG like this was Morrowind and it really took me a while to get my head around being able to pursue whatever took my fancy rather than having just one or two straight-ahead paths and nothing else.

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