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Experiencing Content: I Know it’s old, but not everyone has seen it

January 19, 2011

So, last night a friend and I had just finished our random of the night, and I was on my way to Dalaran to do their cooking daily as I was short two recipes for the 75 recipe achievement.  Well, I finished the quest, and I wandered over to see what the weekly raid was for Wrath content.  Lo and behold, it was the Flame Leviathan.

I immediately asked my friend if he wanted to do the quest, and he expressed a bit of confusion, “Wait, what is it?”  It didn’t occur to me that someone didn’t know that there were weekly raid quests or that they may not know the encounter.  I replied, “It’s an easy way for us to makes 130 JP with very little effort.”  He said, “Oh, ok” and off we went to Ulduar.

After zoning in, he asked, “So, what do I need to do?”  Well, I’d previously done this with a minimum of folks, but never just two.  I said, “Ok, well don’t use the pyrite ability, but we generally just want to take out the things that spawn iron dwarves and kill the ones that attack us… Just shoot at what I shoot at.”  “Oh, ok.”  So, we get through and clear the area before the boss.  “So, how do we kill him?”  “That ability you weren’t using, when he’s not chasing you, just keep using it on him until you run out.”  “Wait, he chases someone?”  “Yeah, we’ll alternate who gets chased, but it shouldn’t last very long since it scales with our gear.”  “And if we run out of pyrite?”  “Well, just use your normal attack.  It should be fine.”

And of course it was.  I know it’s a little nerve wracking for folks that haven’t been inside a particular encounter, but what’s a little more nerve wracking is trying to figure out how to explain something quickly and concisely without leaving surprises.  The thing that makes it a little more difficult is leaving out the mechanics that we’d be unable to handle.  I could have said, “Well, normally, this is what would happen, but since it’s just the two of us, ignore everything I just said and do this instead.”  So, we finished, got our 100g a piece for doing it, and then got our easy JP.

Just when I thought my retro tour of raids was over, someone said in trade, “OS 3d zerg, lfm.”  I knew that in order for this to be successful, we’d only need 5 or 6 folks that had been through the first zone or two of cataclysm.  I’d done it previously in tier 9, and that wasn’t a problem.  We made it a point to do it to farm drakes for the core raid team.  Well, they needed heals… so I switched specs and marked myself as a healer.  Thank goodness Naithin was on.  Guh, I wanted to practice healing, but not on something like that.  He explained a few abilities, and told me what to look for in the event someone’s health hit the floor quickly.  Nothing like that happened, but it was nice to get some pointers from a pro.  In fact, no one died during the encounter, only after Sarth died and the flame adds didn’t get rounded up did we see a death.  I didn’t get the drake, but I got my title.

I wanted to get my friend to go with me to this one, just so he could see one of the more fun Wrath encounters turned on it’s head.  I know the value is a little diminished, but he’s been complaining that many of the encounters he’s seen so far are just Tank and Spank.  I know that OS 3D at this point is the same thing, but it would be a good baseline for me to say, “Well, this is what it was like, now that you’ve seen what it is now.”

My new goal for our small group is to figure out which encounters we can do with few people.  I saw someone two manned 80 Onyxia and her mechanics permit that, but it may take some research to figure out what we can do with just three or four people.  I think that we’ll be able to do a fair amount of stuff.  Between getting the guild achieves for heroic runs of TBC and WotLK content, old raids (We’ve already done MC), and then gearing people up for heroics then raids, we’ll be covered for a while.

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