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Survival Works for Me: Opinions on 30 Levels

December 15, 2010

Arjac - Worgen Survival Hunter

Several levels have passed since the last time I blogged.  I’m not going to lie, I purchased a Dual Specialization at level 30 and tinkered around with the Marksman specialization.  You can check that out by looking at my Secondary Talent Specialization.  It’s, umm… kind of boring.  Marksman, I mean.  There’s a lot of standing around, and the rotation seems pretty bland.  It could be that I simply don’t have a lot of the talents that make it enjoyable, but I didn’t find it all that interesting.

On to the meat of the discussion!  Survival!  Leveling!

Individual Contributions to Guild Leveling

This is something I did a little bit of digging on yesterday.  I was confused at how this process actually worked – especially after I read through the blue posts on MMO- Champion.  There was a hotfix over the weekend to reduce the amount of quest experience that is converted to guild experience by 75%.  So, I did some math to try and figure that out.  I went out to Wowpedia in an attempt to figure out the amount of XP necessary to get one character to level 85.  The number I got from 1-80 was pretty easy to find, but they didn’t have the information that had 80-85.  Thankfully, the mmo-champion forums had the information.

If we take out experience gains from killing monsters, mining, herbalism, archaeology, battleground, and dungeons, that means that a character could contribute from questing, a maximum amount of 12,026,625 Experience.  The problem there is that alot of experience comes from the things I excluded.  So, what does that mean for making the most of the leveling process as a guild?

The nearest I could tell is that you should be doing quests, and if you want to do some dungeons, then you get a group of at least 4 and go.  The following is based on supposition from this article.  I’m going to lay out my math though, just to see it.

NOTE: The math contained below is speculation based on the article linked above.  They mention that the formula that they use are not confirmed.  I’m just guessing here, and it’s supposition without real testing.  I’m going to try to confirm it, but I don’t have a guild of all the same level folks and a dungeon to run without someone being above the level.

Start with the basic formula for computing MOB experience (If MOB is at your level): mXP = (lvl * 5) + 45 <-Classic level content

Make them dungeon elites:  dXP = mXP * 2.5 (This part is a best guess and assumes that you’re all the same level)

Then, hit it with the Group XP:  gXP = (dXP/no. of Members) * Modifier

1 person group = 1.0
2 person group = 1.0
3 person group = 1.166
4 person group = 1.3
5 person group = 1.4

Let’s assume we’re killing Darkmaster Gandling as a group then:

mXP = (43 * 5) + 45 = 260

dXP = 260 * 2.5 = 650

(We’re going to assume 4 people in the group)

gXP = (650/4) * 1.3 = 211

We have been told that the contribution of experience from killing dungeon bosses is 100%, so we take that end number and multiply it by 4.  So, that contributes 845 XP to the guild.  What I don’t know is if the MOB is gray to one of the members of the group if it still contributes as there’s no XP generated on the kill.  My guess is no, but hey, it’s worth testing out.

Continuing, though, there are 9 bosses in Scholomance that are level 43.  So, if you consider a guild run of level 43’s in that instance, you would get 7600 experience for your guild.  If one person was turning in a quest to get that much?  You would need a quest that rewarded around 30k experience (which are level 80 quests).  So, if you’re leveling a guild of low level characters:  Run dungeons.

Addendum: After consideration, I’m going to run through the same thing for Burning Crusade stuff.  Let’s say a level 68 boss.

First formula changes a little.  Higher added base experience.  mXP = (68 *5 ) + 245 = 585

dXP = 585 * 2.5 = 1463

gXP = (1462.5/4) * 1.3 = 475

guildXP = 475 * 4 = 1901

Assume 5 bosses, that’s 9500 experience in a Burning Crusade dungeon.  To equalize that with a single quest turn in:  38k or so.

Hunter Thoughts

So, I’ve been huntering for 50 levels or so now, and I think that’s enough time to get a grasp on how the class is supposed to play.  Survival has been my primary choice, even in dungeons.  It provides a lot of utility and gives me a lot of escape mechanisms.  I like being able to Wyvern Sting in battlegrounds now.  It’s cool to pick a healer out and lock them down.  Then throw a freezing trap on someone and ruin their day.  Just gives me the giggles.

The thing that’s most frustrating, though, is that Lock and Load seems to be bugged.  It will work sometimes, and when it does, its great.  Free of focus and cooldown requirements on a primary nuke?  Hell yeah!  It’s part of the reason that I’m learning to make excellent use of Trap Launcher.  That takes skill and practice.  You have to hit the trap launcher button, then the trap you want… and apparently the Macros that people came up with don’t always work right.  So, you can’t put the abilities together into a button easily.  It’s just a learning curve thing.

I’m looking forward to getting the Serpent Spread talent.  That will be fun.

My rotation is still pretty much the same:  Hunter’s Mark -> Serpent Sting while pet gets aggro -> Trap Launcher to get Frost Trap in there for Lock and Load Procs -> Explosive Shot x 3.  Most things die before getting through the second Explosive Shot, though.


From the official wow forums.  Pretty good proposals are being tossed around this discussion:


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  1. I prefer Survival to Marks as well, though I’m kind of digging BM over both of them at the moment. But that’s just me.

    Interesting numbers on the guild experience thing though. I haven’t bothered sitting down to try to figure those numbers out yet myself. I expect further changes to the guild system though, so it might be too early either way. I think they really jumped the gun on that one and I don’t think the fixes they’ve applied are really where they want to be. We’ll see, but I expect further changes in the coming weeks.

    • I’m going to do my secondary spec to BM, I think. I want to give it a fair try, and now that my pets are high enough to get interesting talents, I think it would be more enjoyable.

      Yeah, I don’t know how confident I am in the numbers, though. I left out a lot about the individual guild that I’m using as a reference point, but from the comments I saw on the forums, I don’t think our experience is all that unique. In fact, I’m going to go ahead and fill in the gap.

      We currently have six individuals playing on a regular basis. Myself and five others. Two of us have characters at 80, but we haven’t really played them since Cata launched… you know, new zones, new characters, etc. Well, I saw that the guild experience number wasn’t progressing all that fast, and I knew that in the beta the quickest way to get levels was via achievements. So, I figured that four of the six of us could just start doing instances once levels evened back out or something. Then they took away experience gains from achievements.

      I understand that the goal there was to limit the amount of XP gained that way (this next part will alienate some people, but hey, gotta be honest), but if they wanted to really limit things, put the achievement experience inside the cap. Make those guilds schedule getting the achievements. For instance, I saw a paladin and a mage grinding critter kills through the tunnel in the Eastern Plaguelands. If someone wants something, they’re going to get it. The unintended side effect of taking away experience gains from achievements is removing the ability for small guilds that can only run a limited amount of content to level up at any sort of meaningful rate prior to getting to I’d say about 75+.

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