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Cataclysmic Introduction: Gilneas, Redux

December 8, 2010

One of the things I did in the beta… wait, wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let me start over.


Last night, I logged in and struggled with what to concentrate on.  I noticed that two of my friends were working on Worgen.  I was intrigued at the prospect of starting one, but I didn’t want to not contribute to our low level guild.  So, I started by inviting the characters they were playing.  From there, I logged off of my Druid, logged in to my hunter, and got invited to our lowly guild.  While I really, really, really enjoy the druid, I wanted to see what Cataclysm is like as the crazy milieu of worgen alts explodes all over the server.  Now, let’s pick up that top sentence again.

One of the things I did in the beta was play through the Worgen starting zone, Gilneas.  I was completely impressed then, and it was only half complete.  Then, it was a Worgen warrior, as I had done a pre-made hunter for higher levels.  This time, I decided to make a hunter.  Since, well, they’re kind of easy mode.  So, without further ado, here he is.

The Rockfist!

This is another class that I’ve been wanting to play for a long time, but never had the will to pick it up and get past those first few levels.  I’ve got several others laboring in the mid thirties on other servers, but with Cataclysm launching, I’m not the only goon running around with funny looking gear.  So, “What’s my plan,” some of you may be asking.  Well, here we go.  I’m going to lay it all out for you.

Talent Choice

Image Courtesy of WowheadI’m going against conventional wisdom here.  I’m NOT doing Beast Mastery.  I have chosen:  Survival.  One of the things that drew me to Survival is how tricksy it can be.  Since I’m planning on doing a fair amount of PVP, I think that’s important.  Everyone expects a hunter’s pet to be silly good.  And yeah, that’s probably right since it functions as a tank for most every hunter for most of their leveling career.  But I’m not planning on making my pet the center of attention for now.  I want to be the center of their attention.  That explosive shot heading towards you?  Yeah, that’s probably going to do enough damage to put you down.  Especially at low levels.

I would show you the stats from the one PVP match that I’ve done so far, but the armory seems to be taking a long time to sync.  I was the highest on the Alliance team for killing blows, and I got the Grim Reaper achievement in the middle of my first match.  What the hell?  I know that these aren’t very good gauges, but they at least reinforced my thought that doing something different is “ok”.

Image Courtesy of WowheadBear in mind that I’ve only got a hunter up to around level thirty.  These choice are made for my leveling situation:  Some questing with a lot of PVP.  I’m going to breakdown the choices I’m thinking of for leveling:

  1. Pathing – Ranged Haste = Faster Shots & 2 points in Hunter vs. Wild
  2. Fill out Entrapment and Survival Tactics & 1 point in Trap Mastery – I’d rather be able to reliably snare than have better traps.  Point of No Escape may be good, but I’m going to have to revise this after more playing.
  3. Lock and Load and Thrill of the HuntThrill of the Hunt should help keep focus efficiency up, and Lock and Load will allow for some instant damage against snared targets while defending.
  4. T.N.T. (I’m Dynomite!), Mirrored Blades, and 1 point in Resourcefulness – I may do more points in Resourcefulness and forgo Mirrored Blades… I just can’t imagine not wanting to shoot spells back at their caster.
  5. Wyvern Sting, Noxious Stings, Hunting Party, and 1 point in ToxicologyWyvern Sting will allow for some long range shenanigans with stunning folks, Hunting Party for when the Shaman aren’t around, and Toxicology for increased crit damage from DoT’s.  I’m just not sold on Noxious Stings.  This may be the point to go back and fill in the tree a little bit.  However, the next level makes picking that one up a decent idea.
  6. Serpent Spread and Sniper Training – Both of these abilities are useful.  I’m thinking Serpent Spread will help increase the effectiveness of Noxious Stings in the previous tier.  And Sniper Training?  Jeeze, let me hit that execute phase.

At this point, you’ve finished the Survival Tree.  You can start taking points for filling out abilities.  I’m really going to think about this at a later date, as I’ve got 55 levels to go before I get out of the tree.  But initial thoughts lean towards filling out the instant damage component of Serpent Sting with Improved Serpent Sting.  It may be worth it to go back and do Hunter vs. Wild maxed out and Improved Serpent Sting at tier one.  If I don’t like the current configuration, I can always change it.


Now, the next question is, what glyphs should I get to start with?  I’m thinking first Prime Glyph is Glyph of Arcane Shot.  12% flat damage increase on an ability I’m going to use for a long time?  Yeah.  Ok.  Major Glyph:  Glyph of Disengage.  Reducing the cooldown on one of the best “Oh Shit!” buttons in the game?  Yeah, I’ll take that, too.  Minor Glyph?  Mend Pet.  Yay for not having to feed your pet! >.>


Level.  I’m going to play through some more zones to try to get a feel for how this will do with questing.  At level 30, I’m picking up Dual Specialization so I can tinker around with Marksmanship.  Of note, I do not think that Beast Mastery is bad.  Quite the opposite, I think it is very good.  I just don’t want to do it.  I want to do something that’s got utility and is not solely reliant on my pet being alive.


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