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Cataclysm and Me: In Which I Decide to Make Myself Write More

December 7, 2010

Alright, so I’ve had this blog going for a while now, and it’s gone through several incarnations. Well, I’ve decided that I’m going to make myself a little bit of a project for Cataclysm. One component of that project will be to blog about my misadventures while leveling a Worgen Hunter.

Some background on this: I’ve got two buddies that have recently come back from a hiatus. One took a break around the time Ulduar came out and the other hasn’t played since before Black Temple was released. So, we decided to hang out and level together. (If anyone is bored and wants to come hang out, we’re playing on Kael-To th╞-thas.) Well, to kill some time before Cataclysm’s launch, I rolled the druid that I’ve been wanting to roll for a long time. One of my friends rolled a Shaman (same boat as me: wanting to do one for a long time). And the other has rolled (another) mage. As of this morning, I think we’re all rolling a Worgen of some sort.

So, long story short, I’m thinking of writing my impressions, both good and bad, of the leveling process for the hunter. I, personally, think it will be a hoot and a half. I know that there are plenty of blogs on how2huntar, but my goal isn’t to tell you how to play… just my experiences.

Task one: Create a character.

Good thing I did that this morning. I thought of a decent name (nevermind the source of the name), and I logged in this morning and created him.

Task two: Get him in our guild.

Since it’s comprised of three folks with at least one alt each… yeah, that’s going to be a while to level up. However, I think it will make it more meaningful. Or something. Quick note: If you have a rank requiring an authenticator, a set period of time must pass before someone is allowed to be of the rank requiring it. Just an FYI for anyone that didn’t know that.

Task three: Figure out professions.

That’s easy: Engineering and Mining. Without mining, leveling engineering will be expensive. And since I would like to defer some of the costs of leveling that profession (which I’ve heard is silly expensive), I’m going to get the profession as soon as I’m able.

Task four: Keep writing.

This is where the rubber meets the road. Sure I can say, “I’m going to post moar!” Until I actually do it, though, these are just electrons representing words. So, task four becomes the hardest of the bunch.

So, goal for tomorrow/later in the week? Write another article on what my first impressions are.


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