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Druids: They Do it Just Like You Want

November 24, 2010

Ok, so there’s going to be a lot covered, and I’m going to try to put it in order.  However, there WILL be zone spoilers.  Everything below the cut is the unfettered, unfiltered thoughts of a delusional mind.  Well, maybe not SO delusional… Anyway, you have been warned.


So, I started a druid a while back, and I’m playing him like there’s no tomorrow.  Well, not really, because the world ended and he’s still there.  I’ve always wanted a feral druid, and 4.0.3 seemed like a good time to start one, what with the new talent trees.  If you’re at all interested, here’s the link to the talents.

  • t1 -> Start with Feral Swiftness.  Moving faster before travel form and riding?  Win.  Then pick up Furor.  Not having to wait to start swinging will keep your kill count high.
  • t2 -> I moved on to Primal Fury next.  Faster combo points == awesome.  From there, I picked up infected wounds since I don’t need to generate rage and want to increase survivability.  Then I put one point in Fury Swipes.  I probably could have just put it all in fury swipes, but I haven’t figured out how much of my damage is white damage.
  • t3 -> Feral Charge and then Stampede.  It speaks for itself.  Simple combo of talents that makes life easier when you’re charging in.  Ravage hits like a truck, so if you can rock that out?  Yeah, do it.

The new quest rewards are awesome.  They actually look like they fit together into a cohesive feel.  You can find other information on those at places like WoW Insider.

What In the World is Going On?

I started out with the new Duskwood, since I have previously hated on ALL the Night Elf zones.  Well, not previously, I still will hate on those.  It’s part of the reason that my leveling strategy doesn’t involve Hyjal that much for my high level characters.  Yeah, you get to meet cool folks, but it’s just another rehash of generic nelf zone #234.  They all look the same, and they all feel the same.  I liked Feralas because it looked like a forest, but not a multi-colored shit storm like Darnassus

ANYWAY… There are some REALLY, REALLY cool events in Duskwood.  While Stitches no longer wanders around the zone pwning n3wbs, you do inadvertently give the necromancer that made him the pieces to make him.  Then you kill him!  And it’s all because no one told the new adventurer, “Yeah, that guy up there’s a nut job, don’t do ANYTHING he asks… in fact, you should go kill him.”  I then transitioned down to Northern Stranglethorn Vale.

That place is so much better now that they’ve sub-divided it.  The zone feels like a complete idea now.  They’ve got the whole, “Ok, you go kill a bunch of this, this, and this…” type quests down pat, especially since you don’t have to run back to turn them in.  They’re the auto-complete affairs that I saw in the beta that weren’t quite working right.  So, I stayed there, got a level or two, then I went to train skills and professions, and I looked at the Call Board thing.  There was a quest to go to the Southern Barrens.  Well, I knew instantly that I had to go there.

Southern Barrens:  Not Just for Horde Anymore

I was very  confused at what I would be doing there, since previously the Southern Barrens had absolutely no Alliance presence.  Contested my ass, that place should have just been another Horde zone.  Anyway, so I went to Ratchet, and I ran down to the Great Divide (which looks bad ass by the way).  After that, I went south to Northwatch.  Well, instead of just a ragtag group of fighters, the place is a full on quest hub for the Alliance.  You keep doing stuff there, and eventually, you get told that a “Great Druid” passed by a little while ago.  Well, I just about fell out of my seat when they said which one.

Naralex.  Naralex was the druid that you wake up at the end of the Wailing Caverns… the guy that is singularly responsible for the deviate stuff.  So, I finished the quest I was on, and I headed over to where he was.  You can ask him what happened, and he basically says, “Yeah, I wanted to fix the Barrens, but… I pretty much screwed it up and now I’m going to try to stop what I’ve caused.”  I was in awe that they pretty much spell out what happened in an 8 page summary.

THEN!  Oh lord, I ran down to the Forward Command, and… they burned Camp Taurajo to the ground.  Like, went in and destroyed it.  The General, though, he let the civilians go.  Apparently that pissed some people off, but that’s the first time in a long time that someone on the Alliance said, “Ok… I have to take a stand and do the right thing.  Kidnapping or killing these guys will accomplish nothing.”  Good lord, now I want to do all these on the Horde side.

So, In Conclusion

The world has moved on.  Leveling to me was previously a means to an end.  Now, not as much.  The zones are really neat, and I really enjoy the process more than I have in a long time.

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