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Mastery Quick Reference

October 14, 2010

Just so I have it someplace, the masteries related to the classes from the previous post are generally:

DK Masteries:
Blood – Death Strike Shield
Frost – +Damage from Frost
Undead – +Damage from disease

Druid Masteries:
Balance – +Damage from eclipse
Feral – Increased Damage Absorption/+Damage from Bleed
Resto – +Healing when HoT present

Hunter Masteries:
BM – Increased Pet Damage
Marks – More Attacks
SV – Increased Elemental Damage

Mage Masteries:
Arcane – +Damage based on unspent mana
Fire – +Damage for Fire DoTS
Frosty – +Damage against frozen targets

Rogue Masteries:
Ass – +Damage for poisons
Combat – More offhand attacks
Subt – +Damage for finishing moves

Shaman Masteries:
Elemental – More spells for 0 mana
Enhancement – Increases elemental damage
Resto – Damaged targets healed more

Warlock Masteries:
Aff – +Shadow Damage
Demo – Increased pet damage
Destro – +Fire Damage

Warrior Masteries:
Arms – Increased melee attacks
Fury – Rage stuff does better
Prot – Critical block/block chance increased


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