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A New Challenger Has Appeared!

October 14, 2010

Naithin‘s post has prompted me to examine the same topic.  I’m kind of struggling with what to do, I have an idea for what I’m doing in the short term, but I can’t quite decide what’s next.  So, I figure I’d make a list, check it twice, and go from there.

Some general information on my current characters:  I have a shaman, warlock, and death knight at 80.  As well, I’m working on a mage that’s sitting at level 76.  I intend to have the mage at 80 by the end of the weekend.  If someone can go from 70 to 80 in 24 hours by grinding, then I can do four levels via questing.  And with 4.0.1 adding the ability for him to fly?  There’s one problem solved.

So, we know a little about what I’ve done, let’s talk about what I still want to do:  I want a warrior at max level.  I did one on the beta, and that was loads of fun.  Also, a hunter.  Loads, and loads, and loads of fun.  Focus >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> mana.  Then a druid… and a rogue.  So, that’s four more classes.  I have heirlooms for all of these combinations, too.  I don’t really want to do a paladin or priest.  Never really have, so at least one thing hasn’t changed.

I think what I’m going to do is just go down the list, use some arbitrary numbers to rate some stuff, and then evaluate at the end.  Hell, I’ll even do it in alpha order to avoid any bias.  Note:  There’s some stuff I’m leaving out because I don’t have first hand experience for it.  I don’t really want to talk about things I’m not certain about, so if you see omissions, it’s probably because I don’t feel confident enough to talk about it.

Death Knight – Herbalism/Inscription – 80
Play style:  So, the new rune system isn’t something that I’ve tested extensively.  I’m going to throw that out there.  However, I really like the idea of Dark Transformation.  That’s pretty cool.  Dual wielding frost?  That’s pretty cool, too.  The ability to just throw out diseases/debuffs/damage across a wide area with a few buttons?  I think that’s really neat.
Party/Raid Synergy: Diseases.  Melee haste.  Silencing spellcasters.  Anti-Magic Zone.  There’s a lot of denial stuff here.  That’s always good.  Anything to make the healer’s job easier is the way to go.
PVP:  Umm, let’s see… most of the class?  The ability to pull someone off the flag they’re capping?  The ability to stun/inhibit/prohibit running?  You control where they fight, so that means you control the fight.  Good stuff.

Druid – ?/? – 7(20) NOTE: I’m only going to talk about the kind of druid-ing I want to do – Feral.
Play style:  Feral druids are like rogues that can heal themselves.  They get to do all sorts of sneaky stuff… or they can turn into a bear and maul your face off.  It’s pretty bad ass, no matter how you slice it.  If you want to tank, then turn into a bear.  If you want to dps… you can now stay as a bear.  I just always liked the idea of turning into an animal and going nuts.
Party/Raid Synergy:  Well, there’s the obvious one in mark of the wild.  But there’s the similar mortal strike debuffs, then all the ones from the finishers.  They can tank, b-rez, do all sorts of fun stuff to just make sure recovery is possible.
PVP:  Flag carrier?  Check.  Stun?  Check.  Defense?  Check.  There’s a lot of flexibility here in PvP.  It’s up to you to recognize what you need to be doing, but you can use cyclone to deny someone the ability to fight while you pick off their partner.  I know that’s at higher levels, but it’s still cool.

Hunter – Miner/Engineer – 30
Play style:  Well, there are loads and loads of things that this class can do.  You can be the fire support… you can throw out traps to make life hard… you can use your pet to just maul things to hell… fun, fun stuff.
Party/Raid Synergy:  Now, if you’re doing BM, you can get a lot of the buffs that other classes can provide.  Your pet can even bloodlust now.  That’s awesome.  “We can’t find a shaman! Q.Q”  “That’s ok, my pet can do it! ^.^”  So, yeah.  They’re very versatile… oh, and at 85, that camo thing is really cool.  Just saying.
PVP:  The question here is:  what do you want to do?  You can defend with your pet and traps, you can do offense, you can support the flag runner, or you can just pick off the healers.

Mage – Tailor/Miner – 76
Play style:  I really, really enjoy playing the mage.  You can control how well your opponents move, what they can do to you, what buffs they have, and then when you want to burn them down, you can.  That’s awesome.  If you can’t take down your opponent by yourself, then you can also control them until backup shows up or you can get away.  Totally awesome.
Party/Raid Synergy:  The new Arcane Brilliance is pretty cool.  Food for free is pretty good, too.  The scorch debuff is pretty good, too.  Oh, and that fancy buff that the boss has?  Guess who just got it?!?  ME!
PVP:  A lot like the hunter.  There’s a lot of control that you can leverage against your opponents.  Freezes abound with the frost spec.  Polymorph for the win.  Oh, and slow fall.  The ability to quickly go from point to point in AB is awesome.

Rogue – ?/? – 7
Playstyle:  Umm… well… you can sneak and stuff?  I understand that there’s a lot that can be done, but since I’ve only gotten one to about level 15, I can’t really comment.
Party/Raid Synergy:  Crowd control?  Poisons?  Stuff… see above.

Shaman – Skinner/Enchanter – 80
Play style:  I can probably talk about this for a while, but I’m going to keep it brief.  The shaman’s got an interesting dichotomy.  They gave us crowd control in WotLK, but then in 4.0.1 they lower the CD for chain lightning.  So, we can CC, then we can break it.  Yeah, totally cool.  Anyway, elemental is like a mage.  Enhancement will beat your face before you can blink, and resto will keep your buddies alive long enough for them to kill whatever needs to be dead.
Party/Raid Synergy:  You name it, we can bring it.  Or something close enough to count.  Then bloodlust.
PVP:  Enhancement to keep you guys from getting CC’ed, resto to keep folks alive, and Elemental to push folks away or towards things.  It’s pretty cool.  I’m just tired of it.

Warlock – Tailor/Miner – 80
Play style:  Master of the dark realm, summoner of demons, burner of souls!  You get cool pets that can be a minigun, crowd controller, denier of abilities, or straight out dps.  Then, you can drop so many dot’s on someone that they can never hope to get rid of them all.
Party/Raid Synergy:  Soulstones are pretty cool.  The armoire taxi is pretty cool.  Pets give out some neat buffs.  They’re really good dps, and they provide some unique abilities when the time comes.
PVP:  PVP is a fun thing to do.  DOT a guy up, and watch him run around like a chicken with his head cut off… because you feared him into the bad.  It’s pretty awesome.

Warrior – Miner/Blacksmith – 32
Play style:  A whirlwind of death?  A beater of face?  A protector of the squishy?  Warriors can zip around the battlefield protecting folks, or they can zip around the battlefield like mad men slapping folks with giant axes and swords.
Party/Raid Synergy:  Tanks are always necessary.  As well, commanding shout for health, that other one for attack power, then demoralizing shout to make people suck.
PVP:  Lots of cooldowns to keep you alive or kill people.  Whichever way you want to do it.  They’re really good a supporting other people, and they’re pretty good on their own when you figure out which button to use when someone else does X.

So, what does that leave me with?  I have no idea.  Really.  I know that in the short term, I will finish the mage.  But long term I think I want to do something that I haven’t really experienced.  So that leaves the rogue or finishing the druid.  The druid gives me a lot of flexibility, I know… but the rogue would give me killy power and something that I’ve never done before.  Besides, I want to try out some of the new talent trees, and I can just try stuff until I get to the point that I want to stick with something.

So, I guess that means my baby rogue and druid will get some playtime in the near future.

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