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Beta Impressions: A Tale of Two Toons

September 5, 2010

So, the following represents my previous two days worth of play time in the starting areas for both the Goblins and the Worgen.  The Goblin area is bugged, so the furthest I could get was to level four, on quest “The Life of the Party.”  The mechanics are there, but the quest doesn’t work.  It probably won’t be fixed until the next build.  Now, the Worgen area is… mostly done.  You get to about level twelve, and you get to leave the area.

Now is about the time I start getting into spoilers, so you’ve been warned.  Behind the cut:  Spoilers.

Ok, Worgen:  The Racial is really, really good.  a 10s sprint on a 3 minute cooldown?  HOT.  It doesn’t work while swimming, so be wary of trying it in situations in the water where you have to escape.  The ability to change forms is really nice, too.  However, as soon as you hit combat, you shift into wolfy form.  Not a problem, though.

The starting area is during the period where shit hits the fan.  Man on Worgen!  Brother against brother!  Your holding off the worgen and defending your prince!  It’s fun.  You go through some stuff, get bitten, then you black out.  Oh shit, they want to kill you!  Then you get a potion, and you’re ok.  Yay plot device.  Well, now the shit REALLY hits the fan:  the forsaken are invading, a huge earthquake happened, and the kingdom is basically fucked.

The next bit of questing has you going through repelling the Forsaken invasion.  Let me tell you, the alliance has never had a leader as cool as Liam Greymane.  He gets everyone fired up, and then… takes a shot from Sylvanas meant to kill Genn.  Shit just got real.  So, then you high tail it out, and meet up with… the night elves.  Lame.  They help you overcome the curse, and you get the ability to shift forms (/transform works too…).  Overall, it’s a good bit of questing.

Now, the goblin area is bugged, but what I saw was totally fun.  You’re apparently the head of a cartel.  Which is awesome.  After the first quest (motivating uncooperative trolls), you get a hot rod (!) and can drive around hitting people.  YES!  WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!?  As well, the racials?  Totally fun.  You get a rocket wrist band (and as long as it scales, I can see it in rotations) and a jump pack.  Just call me the Rocketeer.

So, you go through some stuff, go to the bank, get some cash, pick up some duds, and then… you can’t do the party event because its bugged. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

Now, onto the new way of doing talents.  When I saw a level 10 warlock walking around with a fel guard, I immediately asked, WTF.  Then I looked at my spell book (which is totally awesome now), and I saw that I had shield slam.  Holy fuck.  Hits like a ton of bricks.  Then my friend (holla!  Naithin!) who has a rogue logged in… and he shadow stepped at level 13.  I have to tell you:  that’s the best fucking thing they could have done.  Getting a really awesome ability, really early, that you can learn to use, so when you get it at higher levels you don’t flail around like a retard.

Got professions, but they’re buggy as shit.  The new interface is nice, though.  So, when I can finally do things with them, I’ll let you guys know what I think.

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