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Hobbying: The Daemons Enter the Fray

July 19, 2010

So, I know it’s been a while since my last post… I’ve kind of gone on hiatus from WoW because of work being a little more travel intensive than I’m used to.  I’ve been working on my Warhammer and Privateer Press models, though.

As well, I’ve also discovered Quickshade made by the Army Painter.  That stuff has quite literally saved me hours and hours of time.  Check out the results behind the cut.  I bought it at Grand Adventures after having like six separate people say, “This shit will rock your face.”So, my buddy that runs Tabletop Armory and I were hanging out a few weekends ago, and we both said, “Ok, I have a specific goal for today, help me accomplish it.”  Mine was:

  • Four colors max on a model
  • No longer than 5 minutes a model a color
  • No custom colors

For me, that last one was killer.  I usually mix up a bunch of custom colors, but this time I made myself NOT do it in order to test how effectively this stuff worked.  The Warriors of Chaos Regiment I completed is below:

They look bad ass, don’t they?  Well, this last weekend, I said, “I wonder if I can do an entire unit from Sprue to Painted in an afternoon?”  I kept my same rules and even had time to paint the Lord I want to use:  The Keeper of Secrets.

So, I’ve got a list, too.  I’m going to wait to post it, though.  I want to have everything together before I rock that out.


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