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Getting Facerolled Breaks Even

February 24, 2010

So, we’re in week 3 of Arena Season 8.  My 2’s partner and I tend to only do the minimum games… well, ok, that’s not true.  We’ve done the minimum games for week 1 & 3, but did more last week.  Anyway, I was getting frustrated with Destro as my PVP spec and based on the recommendation (well, more like vilification) of going Affliction, I switched the other night.  I’m going to say… Wow.

Affliction provides a lot more survivability in terms of returned health, and I saw several instances where I got back just enough health to get another fear off and buying my partner enough time to throw me a heal that I can undoubtedly say that affliction is rockin’.  Hell, it makes doing the battlegrounds that much easier, too!  Throw out my curse, wait for corruption to tick for 2k plus, hope they dispell haunt, and purge using the felhunter.  It’s pretty wicked.

My warrior is in the 30 range now.  I don’t know how many more low level dungeons I’m going to do, though.  Forrest swears by them.  I’ve just had some bad experiences, and I don’t know a lot of them as well as I should.  With no one speaking up to point me in the direction I need to kill, it makes it an exercise in “Well, I’m going this way, I hope you follow me.”  PVP on the warrior is a blast, though.  Cooldowns, interrupts, and slows galore!  Hell, I even have a stun!  I just wish it was a little more inexpensive.

So, what’s next?  Buying my season 8 chest piece.  Oh yeah.  Then hopefully an offhand.

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  1. As long as you have a competant healer who has sufficient mana – pull away. I almost never queue as DPS on any toon anymore – having some semblance (read: illusion) of control as a tank or healer is too valuable.

    • I only queue as DPS when I have to on my Warlock. People tend to pay attention to you if you’re in one of the two required roles… if not, you’re just one of the faceless rabble.

  2. *poke*

    Poast moar! >:|

    (Also, Hai!)

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