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On Alts

January 19, 2010

So, this weekend after nearly burning my eyes out with all the Random Heroics on my Warlock (which were worthwhile, and a big thanks to the crazy Canadians that helped me out with this), I decided to work on an alt.  But which one?  There’s the lowly paladin… but that’s another belf.  And lord knows the warlock is itching for a race change.  So, what about the hunter?  Yeah, that’s an option, but the utility and play time there is largely solo.  Well, that leaves… my warrior?

I didn’t know that warriors had SO many abilities so early on.  I got to level 16, and I almost filled up an action bar.  Then I realized I had to split them into their appropriate stances… and got half an action bar out of each!  Sheesh.  Anyway, I have to say, it’s enjoyable.  Prot as a leveling spec may be a hair slower, but I’m enjoying it.  Can’t wait until level 50 for Warbringer.  That’s only… 32 more levels!

The thing that’s great, though… leveling as prot also means I can try to learn to tank at lower levels.  Rather than doing it as an after thought, I can abuse the instaqueue… and help people leveling alts get their queues up faster.  That would mean I’d get access to non-heirloom gear that would help.  As heirloom gear helps fill the huge gap in the gear equation for starting Warriors, it’d be nice to fill in the slots that aren’t heirloom.

And in other news, my Warlock is coming along nicely thanks to the runs he got in.  I managed to top the meters on 2/3 bosses in VoA10 last night.  I know that’s not a huge feat considering that they’re just above heroics in terms of difficulty, but it felt good to see that I was doing something right even at a low level.  That execute phase is pretty much sick.  Throwing out 14k Soul Fire crits?  Pretty neat.

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  1. I’m glad that you’re having a good time with your warrior as Prot – when I tried leveling my warrior Prot she petered out in the 50s – I had to try Arms to like warriors 🙂

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