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Adventures in the Plaguewerks

January 11, 2010

So, last week a new wing opened up in Icecrown Citadel.  All things being equal, I may have had a shot at getting in.  However, see my last entry.  So, I rode the bench one night and worked on my DK.  Second night, RL interrupted.  Third night, I got to see Putricide.

Now, my overall impressions for this fight are as follows:

  1. That’s a lot of slime.  Seriously.  It looks like someone sneezed on the screen.  And then the snot started to spread.  Then congeal.  Then run around the room at you.  The major “gimmick” of this fight is controlling the slime with the Abomination and then having your DPS on the ball enough to down the thing.
  2. Kill videos were in short order, so it was kind of interesting only having ten attempts to down this tool bag.  We had to learn from our mistakes, then run back, then try and enact the stuff we learned.
  3. The model for Putricide is pretty cool.  The model for the abominations is not.  /shrug  Just don’t like it.

So, fast forward to… Friday night?  Saturday night?  Something like that.  We went in for 10 man.  We suffered a few wipes, but overall it was a fun experience.  I had to heal a few times.  Jekell and I switched off our healing, but then ran into a situation that required him to heal and I to DPS.

We did… festergut?  The guy with the gas inhales?  Anyway, if you don’t have 3 people at range, he’ll make someone in melee vomit.  Well, I was healing at range (since we pugged a healer), and this presented a problem because if I vomited, I couldn’t spam heals on the tanks during add switches.  So, we switched off to me DPS and Jekell heals… and oneshot it.  I have to tell you, when the hunter posted the DPS marks, I was a little disappointed.  I only managed to hit 5.1k.  😦  Then he said something that made me feel better, “But Tahas, I watched you get the vomit just about every chance it could.”

Anyway, we get to Rotface, and we manage to do that in… 3 attempts?  Once we figured out the add control, he went down.  It wasn’t clean, but we finished it.  And then we were back to Putricide.

We managed to get one attempt in due to folks having to leave.  Well, that and trash respawned.  Eff clearing again.  When you have trash that’s got the same stats as Naxx 10 bosses?  Forget that.

Oh, and I decided to work on the ‘lock a little bit, too.  He’s kind of languished in unplayed land… then I said, “Fuck it, I want to play him Meta.”  So, I respecced, and haven’t looked back.  That is probably one of the abilities that I think really embodies a class in WoW.  A warlock, that summons demons, finally gets to turn into one.  Big, fucking, duh.  I guess it doesn’t work for every class, though.  What would a rogue do?  “StabbyStabbyStabbyStabbyStabbyStabby StabbyStabbyStabbyStabbyStabbyStabbyStabbyStabby”?


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  1. You need to add a “Stabbity” in there to make it more uber 😛

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