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Happy Holidays!

December 29, 2009

I hope everyone has had nice, relaxing holidays.  I still have to go to work, but I took yesterday off due to sibling obligations.

So, what to write about… what to write about… See, there’s kind of a lack of subjects due to the time off that I’ve taken due to the holidays.  A few folks ran ICC 10 last night, but I didn’t get into that party so nothing to talk about there.  I suppose I could talk about the other two games (heresy, I know) that I played…

So, the first is Modern Warfare 2.  Yes, this much hyped and lauded game that many believe to be the Second Coming.  If Modern Warfare was Christ, then I think I missed something in that one.  I got this one midway through Christmas Eve afternoon, and played the campaign through to completion.  My impressions are as follows:

Wow… that’s a big explosion?  What’s this, skip offensive content?  Ok, I’ll come back to it when I beat it… WTF is going on?!  WHOA, THAT’S COOL!

You get the picture?  It’s like a Michael Bay movie, you go in expecting to be wow’ed by the visuals but end up taking strange things away from the experience.  The thing that stuck with me the most?  The developers and writers know how to play to their audience.  That audience?  14-29 year old, white males.  The only thing that this game lacks is gratuitous nudity.

It’s a well made title, and I’m getting enjoyment out of the multiplayer… but that community is so into it’s elitism that it’s not funny.  “Christmas Noobs.”  When you have to label the new people that got the game 2 months after release as a gift in order to inflate your own overdeveloped egotism, then you should probably go see a shrink.  And then they complain about people that don’t use the same weapons/perks that they do.  Or use something that’s overpowered.  You know what my chief complaint is?  Not knowing where the fuck to go.  Once you figure out how to get from A to B to C, the game gets much simpler.  You figure out where to look for the douche bag with the silenced sniper rifle.  You know when the claymore is going to be set next to the door.  Anyway, on to the next title.  Keep me going and I’ll be shouting about hellfire and hoping that all the people connected to xbox live suffer a simultaneous massive coronary.

Assassin’s Creed 2.  I think this title suffers from a severe version of the disease known as “Sequel-itis.”  Well, a variant known as, “The-Sequel-is-much-better-than-the-original-but-the-original-kind-of-turned-me-off-so-I-won’t-look-at-it-itis.”  Seriously, this game is leaps and bounds above it’s predecessor.  It has an engaging story, neat weaponry, and enjoyable kill animations.  You’ll always be watching to see if the protagonist does something new and different in combat.  As well, there are loads of collectibles and side missions.  My one complaint?  Having to play through the entire game again to do specific parts of the story.  I didn’t deliberately rush through the game, but I beat it rather quickly (I think).  I’m already planning on playing it through again.

Let’s see… what else, what else… not much else is really going on.  Hopefully I can end up with my proto-drake this week if folks are on.  The list is getting shorter, and there’s only one that relies on rng…


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