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Addendum to Year in Review

December 21, 2009

Alright, so yesterday in the midst of running some heroics with Naithin, I made an interesting discovery.  Well, not made, but I was informed of something.  So, one of Naithin’s friends was using an interesting addon — RankWatch.  If you’re not inclined to follow the link, tldr -> it tells you when someone’s using a downranked spell and can be configured to let them know, too.

So, I’ll let your intuition take over for a second.

Ok, that should be enough time.  Yes, dear readers, I was using rank 13 Lightning Bolt as compared to rank 14.  >.>

That’s a difference of (rank 13) 595-679 damage a cast (without spellpower) and 715-815.  So, all those things I worked on without knowing this?  I guess that means that I can pretty much keep doing those things and use the right rank of the spell.

So, add that to my biggest failure this year.  /hangs head


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  1. /patpat

    Were you dual speccing before dinging 80? Resto / Ele? Cos I have noticed that if you get an upgrade to a spell, it will update on the bars of current spec only.

    The offspec bars remain completely static. My mage ran into this a few times! So I suspect this is what happened to you, dinging 80 as resto perhaps.

    If you weren’t dualspeccing pre80 on this char.. Uhm… I dunno. 😛

  2. I have a raiding Ret Paladin who pulls 5-6k DPS. He’s been a solid member of our DPS crew for about six months. Two weeks ago, when somehow he was the only survivor of a messy trash pull who had a rezzing class, we found out he never did the quest to get redemption. There was much /facepalm-ing.

    • A buddy of mine did that… but he realized it at like level 30. How had he never been in the situation to realize he needed to rez someone, lol?

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