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In a few minutes

December 18, 2009

… I will have my other level 80’s transferred.  I think it’s time.  There’s always need for a tank, and ranged DPS is always more fun when you have a pet.  Hence the hunter obsession… and always wanting a warlock.

I know that it’s going to be a grind for gear, but with so many people wanting to do heroics again, I think it should at least be interesting.  I know that Nathin over at Tank ‘n’ Tree is all over it like a tick on a hound dog.

Anywho, time to rock and roll!

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  1. Hm.

    I’m not sure I like the analogy, but the idea is true nonetheless! Went from less than 40 triumph on druid yesterday up to 90, and that was also with a few runs on the Warrior thrown in there, and an ICC10 to boot.. so.. uh.. Yeah. 😛

    Thing is though, once I do actually get to 100 badges and buy the next two pieces of T9, I might have to.. *gulp* ..Do some more dailies in order to afford the re-enchanting/-glyphing and regemming.

    Those legs from yesterday were expensive! 3 Runed Cardinal Gems and the epic +sp/+spi leg patch to bring them up to speed.

    Also got a few other pieces as well, a belt to resocketise and regem, and a weapon to ench.. About now is when I realise I probably really SHOULD have still been doing dailies all this time. 😛

    • Being southern led to the analogy. 😉

      Anyway… yeah, gearing up alts RIGHT is expensive. Ugh. I need to buy gems/make enchants for the slots I can do. Speaking of which, I need to see if I hit 410 and can learn some new enchants.

      With all the dungeon runs, mats for the few pieces are easy. Thankfully, my shoulder enchants I could do myself. Yeah inscription!

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