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More Thoughts on the Random Dungeon… Thing

December 15, 2009

Last night, Nathin, another random guildy, and I ran chain random heroics.  I’m going to say that the Random Heroic has made doing them fun again.  Well, if you have at least one person you know running with you.  It’s alright running with strangers, but occasionally you’ll run into the ass that responds to “who’s tanking” with “the guy with 41k hp” when there are two druids, a warrior, and a paladin as your other party members.  AND he assumed I could see the raw numbers.  Fuck your default UI you fucking moron.  I swear he was getting Crit… and the fact that he didn’t know where to go?  Even better.

Moving on.  My hunter now has his heirloom bow.  They need to go ahead and figure out how to make infinite ammo work.  That way we can get scaling ammo. >.>

Let’s see… I’m hoping that Surreality hits ICC 25 tonight and clears it on the first night.  With all the alts that ran the 10 man last week and over the weekend, everyone should have a fair idea of what to do now.  The longest part (by my estimation) could be the trash.  Just the sheer amount of it (while good for rep reasons) could be a road block.

OH!  And the increased rep gains!  I’m going to have all the northrend factions at exalted by the end of the week.  This change may be a little too nutty.  I mean, you can purchase rep tokens… but why bother when the enchants are BoA?  Sure, they’re good for starter gear, but you can run heroics all day and gear up.  For reals.

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  1. Glad you got yer bow! We could level our hunters together when yours catches up a bit! I think mine is level 20 exactly at the moment, I have the bow already, but I don’t think I have the mail shoulders or chest piece yet..

    My warrior /could/ buy them.. Might hold me off buying the lame T9 for a while. 😛 And my mage already has all the BoA’s I want for him.. Hm.

    • I’m down with that. We could even level in BG’s lol. I just remember being slightly overgeared for them with the chest/shoulder heirlooms. I can’t imagine what it’s like with weapons.

  2. Grats on your bow! 🙂

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