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Monday post is mindless

December 14, 2009

This is likely to end up a rambling mess, since I’ve not had enough coffee to be fully awake and I have a meeting in 4 minutes (at least when I started it… by the time I finish, the meeting will probably have been over for quite some time).  So, having worked Saturday, coming home and playing for a bit was a welcome reprieve.  I did some random heroics (thankfully never getting one of the new ones) as a healer.  Gotta say, absolutely no down time for runs is pretty nice.

Anywho, this led to the acquisition of 1.) enough stone keeper’s shards for me to get the hunter shoulders, 2.) enough emblems to get my 4 pc t9 bonus, and 3.) enough extra emblems to get the heirloom chest for the leather/mail chest piece.  So, this means I just saved myself 25$ and could roll my hunter again.  However, it also means that I need to get another 65 emblems for the bow.  Chain heroics, away!

Oh, and we did ToC 10, and I topped DPS on the twins!  Wewt!  I have a screenshot I need to crop, but I’m kinda lazy right now… and I left it at home.  I’m hoping that whatever psychological event that threw me into overdrive in 10 mans shows up in 25 mans.  Because, I have to say, it’s nice.

So, yeah… I started a baby hunter again.  He hit level 10.  Now, I just need to go get my pet… and I need a suggestion on what I should start with.  Research, ho!

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  1. Lifedeathsoul permalink

    it depends on what race you are, what pet type you love and most importantly, are you having fun with it 🙂

    Personally, coming from Horde side, I would recommend:
    Raptors for trolls
    Wolfs for Orcs
    Wind Serpent for Tauren
    Cats for Elfs

    With the exception of the wind serpent, all are Ferocity Pets as you can see. I wouldn’t recommend tanking pets until lvl44 cause that’s when you get Thunderstomp. Before 44, learn how to kite, CC, Freeze and feign death. Those are after all some of the most important tricks that a hunter can learn 🙂

    • Thanks! I just got the heirloom bow last night, so I’m going to stick with that bad boy as long as I can. I also have a battleworn thrashblade in the custody of a DK… so once I can dual wield, I’m going to take it and give it the ole’ +15 agility enchant.

      I may try and tame that new rare spawn raptor… >.>

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