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The New LFG… Thing…

December 10, 2009

Historically, one of the worst things about being max level and bored is trying to get into a group for something… anything… everything.  I know that on the server I was previously on this was a pretty rough thing to do regardless of spec.  Well, to be honest… the same rules apply to this thing as do normal PUGs.  If you’re a tank or healer, then you have to wait all of about ten seconds.  DPS?  Go grab a beer and hit the couch between runs.

I’m serious.

I just had DPS checked, because, well… I wanted to be lazy.  The wait time said 5 minutes, which, you know, is code for about 20.  I thought to myself, “Why am I doing this to myself?”  I left the Queue, checked Healer, and started it back up.  15 seconds later, “Your Group is Ready!”  >.>  Alright!

DTK was my first heroic.  Good lord, if you get into an overgeared group, then it’s pretty quick.  I think we were in there for a sum total of 20 minutes?  The debuff had just worn off when we left.  Let’s see, what was next… Halls of Stone!

Now, the thing about using this tool… you’re inevitably going to run into one or two undergeared folks.  I knew this was the case, thankfully it was just a single melee dps.  This… fellow… had fewer HP than I did.  As a warrior.  I didn’t inspect him, but when I saw his little empty box in Grid the first time I rezzed him… the number surprised me.  16.5.  K.  That’s right, a warrior with just over 16,000 health.  I blinked, and suddenly realized that he was going to die a lot more before the run was over.  Sure enough.  Every boss, without fail… he’d stand in the bad, get slapped, or something random and there was no health pool to fall back on so *poof*.  Everyone else was ok, and I think that they were kind of surprised that I could keep this goon up as well as I did.  Hell, I know I was.

We finished, and I moved onto one of the newer instances.  Then I ran into trouble.  So, the last of the new heroics, Halls of Reflection, has an interesting first encounter.  So interesting in fact, that I didn’t get to finish it.  The group botched the first pull, which led to a wipe, and then when someone left… apparently, if someone leaves your random group, you’re supposed to pick whether you want to try to fill the spot or not.  Well, if you’re loading, then you don’t get prompted to do this.  The LFG tool WAITS until everyone has chosen a role, then starts trying to find someone.  So, you can imagine what it looks like to someone that doesn’t know what’s going on if you don’t pick a role.  So, I got kicked.  Oh well, cest la vie.

So, my overall impression?  It’s good to kill some time.  It’s bad when it bugs out or doesn’t work… just don’t be straight DPS and you’ll have an easy time finding a group.

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  1. I”ve been getting lucky with group composition so far (/tar wood /knock), aside from the inability to manage a successful heroic HoR run. Personally, I would like the “Vote to Kick” function to be available from the get-go, to avoid needless suffering caused by a woefully undergeared tank or healer. You can carry DPS – you CANNOT carry a tank or healer.

    • Well, supposedly there’s an internal mechanism to make sure that doesn’t happen. First, I don’t know how it works. Second, I don’t know if it works. /shrug

      We should do HoR tonight. Or sometime. I have to finish it. >.>

  2. My groups have been going alright so far – the very first group I ever got was the best, I think, but the others were none too bad.

    I’ve definitely noticed the “estimation” of time is quite off, haha – so today what I decided I’d do is queue, then just leave WoW up while I knit (I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to quest.) So if I have a 20 min. wait time, at least that’s 20 minutes I worked on Christmas gifts 🙂

    • Yeah, it seems like the “first” one I do seems to go alright. They were pretty patient last night when I was (still) dealing with UI issues. Thankfully I got most of them resolved by the time ICC10 rolled up.

      You may want to assemble a tank set, lol. I bet you don’t have the 1k gold for dual spec on your DK, but it would make your time waiting decrease.

      I need to try out how well it works on lower level dungeons.

  3. I live in terror every time I use the tool on my priest alt of getting Pit of Saron or Halls of Reflection. If that ever happens I’ll have to apologise to the group, leave, and wait out the Deserter timer, because there’s no way my wee disc priest alt can heal a PUG through those places.

    My experiences on my well-geared “mains” have all been very positive, but it’s certainly a lot more of a toss-up when your gear (and in my case, I must admit, skill) is not quite so great.

    • Yeah, my healing off spec has trouble with keeping up in HoR… that’s not a fun experience at all. The others… well, I still live in fear of them.

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