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Icecrown Citadel First Impressions

December 9, 2009

Last night, Surreality kicked it into overdrive and went into ICC.  (Sorry for the delay, Sari…)  So, upon zoning in, the first thing I noticed was, “There are vendors?  And people to talk to?”  The first little area is where you’ll find your Tier 10 vendor for your specific class.  They’ll also repair your gear at the, uhh, opportune moment.  Just make sure you let your RL’s know you’re doing that.  >.>

Ok, so we finished zoning in, buffing up, and tooling around.  Then we did something strange, almost foreign.  We killed trash.  You heard me right, gentle readers.  There was much trash and even some deaths.  So, in the first trash area, there are bone giants.  They do an AoE stomp.  This silences you if you’re casting.  So, if you don’t have someone calling out that this is going to happen, you’re going to have healers and dps locked out of their abilities with a cast time (And this does not rely on Line of Sight).  Next, there are some web guys (you know, like the guys in Azjol Nerub).  They cast dark mending and web different folks.  So, an inadvertent combination can lead to problems.  Oh, and lots of caster packs.  (This may signal the return of CC… [which isn’t a bad thing.])

ANYWAY.  TRASH DOWN.  First boss:  Lord Marrowgar.  So, there are three things to handle with this boss:  Bone Graveyard, Chill flame, and a whirlwind variant.  I’ll tackle these in the order that I saw them.  First, chill flame radiates in a cross out from the boss based on his facing (As near as I can tell.), and you have to avoid this.  It ticks hard and fast.  Second, we have bone graveyard.  This puts different folks on a bone spike that has to be destroyed.  If you don’t destroy this, then the target will die (I would know, it happened to me).  And then we come to the whirlwind.  This is pretty much what it sounds like.  The boss drops aggro and just whirlwinds around the room.  Now, when I say he drops aggro, I mean that.  If folks don’t hold their DPS, then Marrowgar will tromp across the room and kill you (if a tank doesn’t intercept/interrupt/pull aggro) when he finishes.  Thankfully, Keaton’s a bad ass and so are our hunters.  A few wipes, then down like a rock.  Nice Jorb, all.

Ok, proceed up the ramp after the kill, and you’re at the second boss.  Lady Frostwhisper (I wonder if she’s Ras’s little lady…) sits in a room with 4 trash pulls.  First up are two caster packs.  There are… 8 mobs in each?  Undead/humanoid caster packs, so loads of CC opportunity.  Then there are some big arachnid dudes in the corners.  They target a random person in the raid with a light bomb ability… that heals the mob for the amount of damage done (iirc).  Pretty nice.

On to the boss!  So, there are 3 spawn areas:  left side of the room, right side of the room, and then the stairs.  There are a couple of types of mobs… their names escape me, I just know them by their vent titles.  “Melee, on skull!”  “Ranged, on X… BURN IT.”  Etc.  Well, aside from this, she has a handful of fun things to throw at you.  First, she has death and decay.  Big green circle on the floor?  Move out of it.  Next, she’ll mind control someone… CC them (Sense a theme developing?)  OH!  She also throws random shadow bolts at folks in the raid.  So, how do you down her?  Your ranged focuses on her (since she has a mana shield up, you have to run her out of mana, then the shield drops!  Yay!), and deal with spawns that can kill folks quickly.  After you burn through the mana, you go into phase two, in which the spawns stop, and you just burn her down avoiding the abilities that you’ve seen already.  There’s more to it than that, but this is just a general overview.

We called it there.  So, overall impressions?  Raids are back.  No more one room mess.  No more lack of lore.  You’re sticking it to Arthas, and in the end, we’re going to win.

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