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Holidays are Good for?

November 30, 2009

Getting achievements that require loads of folks.  Well, they’re good for more than that, but I was able to do For the Horde! I have to tell you, I was afraid that it was just going to be a mess at first, but it went quite smoothly.  We were able to quickly and efficiently move through the cities to the leaders.  It helped that there was one healer for every four other players…

You know what else they’re good for?  Elam being online a lot.  Sunday, we talked a bit through out the morning to analyze my roadblock to hitting my Rawr projected DPS.  Aside from the obvious (that perfect conditions never exist), we discovered a mis-glyph and some gemming errors.  I attribute the first to my lack of information and the missing assumption about the way I glyphed.  The second, I attribute to lack of sleep and increase in stress.  So, what does that mean?  I’m easily cracking 4k DPS.  I’m using Skada so I don’t know which way it leans in it’s processing.  I personally believe it’s a little less optimistic than Recount, but that’s not based on anything other than speculation.

In my Rawr experiments, I’m beginning to examine the intricacy involved in using it to generate upgrade lists.  For example, it doesn’t take into account for accumulating things like set bonuses.  So, I’m going to have to re-evaluate some speculative upgrades in favor of what I know I need to get.  I think I’m still going to operate on last week’s list and pick up the elemental shoulders as that’s the biggest ilvl upgrade.  The one thing it keeps placing at the top (and is apparently pretty slick in terms of adding dps) is Reign of the Dead from Anub’arak.  I know Malamo has one, and I feel the need to follow in his foot steps… I just won’t have the EP/GP to get it when it drops.

Ok, I’m plugging in my next known upgrade and then we’ll see what it thinks I should go for next…


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One Comment
  1. Ooooh, grats! I’m glad that it all worked out smoothly!

    Ironically, I wasn’t on the whole holiday weekend, I think.

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