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November 25, 2009

Ok, so last night I was in on an attempt on the ToGC 25.  I -know- I under gear that version of that raid by a fair degree.  I understand that to even attempt the Beasts was probably desperation on our Fearless Leader’s part.  Knowing these things, though, doesn’t mean that I feel any less bad about contributing to Surreality not clearing the content.  Dead weight is dead.

Anyway, now that I’ve voiced that I felt bad about not contributing enough… I’ve resolved myself towards changing that.  I replaced one piece of gear with t9 gear, and I was able to change another 2 pieces out for higher ilvl items…  actually, three…  I’m not going to rest there, though.  I had to re-evaluate my other planned upgrades based on what dropped for me.

  • I replaced my bracers.  Check on not needing new ones now.
  • I replaced my gloves.  No more ilvl 200 crafted epics.
  • I replaced my pants.  First elemental t9!  Wewt.
  • I replaced my helm.  Re-imagined Onyxia helm!
  • I got rid of my hit trinket!  HASTE, BABY!

So?  What does that leave me… I turned to Rawr to find out.  It wants me to get one more piece of hit gear… the Barb of Tarasque.  Who does that drop off?  The Northrend Beasts.  Then it slams me with the rest of my tier gear and upgraded versions (Read 25 man) of pieces I already have.  Ahh, what’s left then?  A trinket… you know, that dps trinket?  I really, REALLY want that.

The thing I like most about Rawr?  The upgrades make sense.   I tried doing this a few months ago BEFORE running content… just to get an idea of what to get on the off chance I got to go.  I was so overwhelmed that I just turned off and tuned out.  Now, though… I get it.  I would recommend at least using it to try and gain an understanding of upgrades for you and how you should prioritize them.

NOW!  I must warn you… if you futz about enough with the settings, you can get it to say anything.  I’m sure that I could get it to prioritize attack power gear somehow… or a metric load of MP5 gear.  So, be careful and double check what you KNOW about your mechanics vs the upgrades it says you should get.


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