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November 20, 2009

So, I think my goblin tendencies are beginning to return now that I’ve been on BDF for a while.  The process of regemming, leveling enchanting, and generally operating has taken it’s toll on Tahas’ cash reserves.  I’ve begun to try my hand at how I made money before… and the results are inconclusive.  There are some very strange tendencies that I’ve noticed in BDF’s market.

First:  The cost of some of the enchant scrolls are well below what the mat cost is.  I did the math.  Unless they’re farming all the mats themselves, there’s no way that they’re making money.  While that’s probable… I didn’t do that so I could power level enchanting to get my ring enchants.  So… I have to sell them at a specific amount or take a loss.  Oh well, I guess.  As long as I can recoup some of that cash, it’s fine by me.

Second:  Whatever moron thought it was a good idea to sell Infinite Dust by the singles… I’m going to ruin his day.  Seriously.  I have to PAGE through to find stuff that’s in remotely usable quantities.  So, what do I do?  I list all of my stuff the same way lower than his.  It’s tedious to cancel, but in the long run, it’s going to hurt him.

Third:  Dream Shards are like candy.  People are selling crafted blues by the boat load.  I really should just hold onto as many of these as I can, then dump them all at once and crash the market.  Drive out competition by making them worthless… then wait.  I have other things I can sell.


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  1. Speaking of scrolls – I noticed +10 Stats scrolls selling for 750+g on my “other server” (where I still play around with my nubbish DK). 750g for 4 crystals/4 shards = major profit margin.

    Lots of glyph players on BDF – and they are very “campy”, if you get my meaning. I’m still not sure where the easiest money resides (been on BDF for a couple months now).

    • I really don’t understand BDF’s economy yet. I think that it’s probably just a function of the newness…

      My old server was really strange in terms of economics. Very, very underutilized. I’m still doing the AH thing on there when I remember, but the glyph market is really not something I want to get into again.

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