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I Love When a Plan Comes Together

November 18, 2009

What follows is how I view World of Warcraft fiction.  Well, if I were writing it.

Tahas is driving his catapult through Wintergrasp.  The front gate had just fallen and the Horde was well on its way to victory, when suddenly he hears a voice as if from a great distance.  He could hear much grinding and gnashing of teeth from the Alliance, but they were getting facerolled… and they knew it.

“Hey, want to come to the Tournament Grounds and slap around some baddies?”  Liluye asks.

“Sure!” he says, wondering if he sounded too enthusiastic.

“Cool, invite incoming.”

So, yeah, after my strange introduction… I rolled through ToC25, Ony25, VoA25, and part of Uld 25 with Surreality last night.  Much fun was had, especially since I got to try out the elemental thing.  I… uh…  I need to do some work to get some different gear so I can stat that mess out differently.  A lot of it will come once I can get hold of my tier 9 elemental pieces… as I foolishly spent my emblems on my resto pieces.  Yeah, it was worth it at the time (and will continue to be worth it for my offspec), but I think I should have waited.

This brings me to yesterdays post.  I don’t think I should transfer an alt when I can play my Shaman like two of the classes I would be bringing over.  It may be worth my time and money to wait a little bit.  I really want to do something like that… but I don’t think I should.

OH!  And in other news… pretty much all that dropped in VoA25 was Elemental PVP gear.  So, while I may be a scrub in terms of skill… I will have a marginal increase in survivability.  So, yes.  I got purples.  I R L33t.  Now, let me tell you the most important thing last night.

I.  Had.  Fun.

Yes, that’s right.  I had a great deal of fun playing what I wanted to play.  As well, it’s leading to a re-evaluation of what resources I use, and how I use them in terms of information.  I really love the idea of the Elitist Jerks… but their elemental shaman section is lacking.  So, I turned a buddy loose on my request, and he found me the “Elemental Sham,” otherwise known as Puut.  Gotta tell you, that’s some pretty good information.

I’m going to slam some gems into the gear I have that’s not also set for resto to see how it does.  I’ve also got to get some enchants done, too.  Hoepfully, that won’t take too much gold, but I’m not going to hold my breath.  I also need to get some consumables.  Got to prepare… only a little bit of time to do it, too.  So little to do!  So much time!  Wait, strike that, reverse it.

And to close it out, I just have to say… elemental is the shit.  I don’t care what anyone says about the spec… rolling for crits and providing a great buff to the raid is well worth me playing the class.  Enhancement is cool, but melee dps is a dime a dozen.  Glad I’m not in that dozen anymore.


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