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And Tiered Progression Returns

November 18, 2009

Alright, so I just read the news on raid progression in patch 3.3.  MMO-Champion posted the news from the blues here.

Here’s the short and sweet version:  You can only do heroic versions of the fights after beating the Lich King once.  That’s for both 10 and 25 man.  Not so bad, right?  Clear it once to learn the fights, and away you go on heroic.  Well that’s not the end of it.

Icecrown Citadel is going to be broken up into four distinct sections: The Lower Spire, Plagueworks, Crimson Hall, and Frostwing Halls. We plan on releasing these four sections of Icecrown Citadel over time and not all immediately when patch 3.3.0 goes live. At this point we can’t give precise dates for these release dates as they are determined by when patch 3.3.0 goes live. Once dates are known with more certainty, I’ll update the community so they can plan appropriately.

You read that right, gentle readers.  No burning through to beat Arthas on release night.  And no heroic versions before Arthas is killed 3 months after 3.3 drops.  This may be the mechanism by which they push Cataclysm back and ultimately extend the life of WotLK.


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  1. It’s about time they show us that they actually had a plan with WotLK. I was afraid for a while that this expansion would only be a short-lived moment in the game compared to the others, and in my opinion Arthas has been THE villain to beat since WC III. Other villains are certainly awesome to defeat, but it’s good to know they aren’t going to rush through defeating the Lich King just to get to the next best thing.

    – ArmoryDave

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