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In Which I Think About my Alts

November 17, 2009

Alright, so everyone I know… well, not everyone but a few… seems to be rolling alts.  I’m trying to figure out what I want to level, versus what may just be fun to transfer.  I know that I’ve got some options there, but I don’t know what I want to do!  So, let’s evaluate the Best Advice Ever™.

So, the options are: 

Uaha, the Blood Elf Warlock.  Now, I rolled Uaha after WotLK came out to satisfy the need I had to roll one.  I’d been wanting to do one since Classic WoW, but never did.  I really enjoyed playing him, but then I rediscovered how utterly awesome shaman are.  The upside is another ranged DPS in the mix.  The downside is the 25$ transfer fee.  /shrug.  If I enjoy it, then the money is worth it.

Alright, option number 2!  Qaha, the Undead Death Knight.  I played Qaha a lot before Tahas got transferred.  I’m close to maxing out inscription on him, and I know I could make massive bank with it… I just don’t know if I want to.  If I did, I’d probably re-spec him to be plate DPS, but that means I need to do some serious investing to get his gear up to snuff.  It’s something I’d be willing to do, but the initial fun of a DK is kind of wearing off.  I like the class, and it’s a very interesting mechanic… I just don’t know how much I want to play it.

Now we’re getting into the lower level spectrum, but still!  Option 3:  Iaha, the Troll Hunter.  I have to tell you, leveling this guy is a breeze.  Whether it’s in BG’s or world leveling, he face rolls.  Seriously.  I could walk away from the computer in a bunch of hostile dudes and my bear would eat them all.  I really need to spend some time twinking him a little more, but it’s fun.  And interesting.  I liked the ‘lock, but the play style of the hunter is not the same.

And the new guy… coming in at spot number four… Goretwin, the Blood Elf Paladin.  I rolled this fella because I have wanted to play a paladin since Classic, but I would have had to roll an Alliance toon to do it… with Burning Crusade, I don’t have to worry about that!  Yeah, old news is old.  I have to say it’s pretty boring for the first 15 levels.  The class is starting to get interesting and I want to give it a fair shot, but I don’t know how well another melee class will hold my attention.

So, what do I want to do?  I’m leaning towards the hunter.  I don’t know why, but that’s another class that I’ve wanted to play since Classic.  Since I’ve always wanted to shout, “HUNTAR LEWT!” in vent ever since I pissed off a hunter buddy in Zul’Gurub over the Zulian Stone Axe

Well, dammit.  By the time I finished writing the post, I figured it out… I guess Anea will be happy since I’m joining her in the happy realm of the hunters.


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  1. Hm… since I am now playing a class that I’ve had on my “to play” list since BC launched, I’m going to vote “warlock” since it’s been on your “want” list since Classic. Ranged DPS is win and you know you like playing him. I think the transfer fee would be worth it.

    • I think I just prefer ranged dps classes. My shaman was elemental before elemental was cool. Then I switched to enhancement for some other reason (hence rolling on the axe, back when 2 handed weapons were the shit… gotta tell you one shotting someone on a windfury proc was the win).

      I’ll keep thinking on it, but it’s between the warlock on the hunter. The prospect of not having to level again > having to deal with outland and northrend again.

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