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Grind it out!

November 11, 2009

So, I know that everyone loves a good grind in a game.  What do I love more than a good grind?  The rewards it reaps.  I think that with the reward structure that WoW has, the particular grinds that they put in are changing.  This speculation really kinda started since I began grinding out Mag’har rep for the Talbuks.  It got me thinking, though, about how they’ve changed thus far and will continue to change.

Let’s take for example, the grind for the Hodir shoulder enchants.  When Wrath of the Lich King was released, the thing that was most daunting at 80 (to me) was the rep grind with the Sons of Hodir.  There was absolutely no way around it.  If you wanted those enchants, you had to do the dailies.  With other factions, you could wear the tabard, do quests in different zones, and generally find yourself in pretty good favor with just about all the factions.

So, why did they change the model with 3.1?  What prompted them to say, “Ok, this isn’t working… we need another way for folks to do this”?  Was it the marginal difference that the upgrades made from Honored to Exalted?  Was it the rarity of the reputation amongst the level capped players?

I think that the design decision is linked to the ease with which characters can be leveled.  We continue to see more and more Bind on Account items.  3.2 brought us chest pieces and tomes of flight.  Along with the different weapons, you can get the major pieces of gear you need to level without hitting the Auction House.  This trend appears to continue when examining the patch information for patch 3.3 that Mmo-champion uses.  The enchants are all becoming bind on account, too.  It appears that Blizzard has come to the conclusion that if you’ve done the grind once, there’s no reason to do it again.

Personally?  I think that it’s a great thing.  Especially when they implement the ability to send BoA gear across factions and servers.  It’s coming.  Soon™.

However, if you want an item that particular faction gets you, then don’t assume that you’ll be able to send that item the same way.  I do think that’s a good place to draw the line.  As heirloom item concentration increases, the likelihood of needing a piece of the rep gear decreases.  Sure, it’d be nice if you’re starting to get an offset going, but you can get a lot of that stuff in other ways.

So, do I think that grinds will disappear?  Not at all.  I do think that we’ll see them implemented in different ways that are less subtle than “do these daily quests for 2 weeks solid to reach exalted.”


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  1. I think these are much needed changes to the game. Alts shouldn’t be as much of a handicap the further the level cap gets from 1.

    – ArmoryDave

    • I agree. It’s been more apparent as I’ve leveled and geared alts that something needed to change. I’m glad that it’s now starting to happen.

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